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Every morning Mike has a "walking" classroom around the track.
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The School of Hard Knocks is an expensive and dangerous way to learn the skills of racing. Each "knock" eliminates you from competition and requires costly repairs to your car. For less than half the price of one minor wreck, FinishLine Racing School gives you the finest short track instruction available in America.

In the race car, you will learn the art of car control and racing tactics from instructors who are champions in their own right.

In the Chassis Class you will learn the science of race car dynamics and chassis set up from Chief Instructor Mike Loescher.

The cars you learn in meet NASCAR competition Late Model, NASCAR All Pro, Late Model Stock Truck, Sportsman, Grand American "Open Wheel" Modified and Super Truck specifications. The FinishLine Racing School is a first class operation. Safety is our primary concern. You will start the class with a full safety presentation including video and graphic illustrations of the latest advances in fire suits, helmets and in-car safety products. You will see an illustration of the effectiveness of the NOMEX multi-layer fire suit. You will learn about the way seat belts and helmets are designed to absorb energy in collisions. Students wear full Nomex fire suits and safety protection while racing. All race cars are up to date racing machines and have on-board fire extinguishers. Our students safety is paramount in all the driving exercises we perform.

"Instructors use Racing Radios to communication and train the students while they are on the track."

FinishLine Racing School is a SERIOUS teaching facility.
Unlike some of the other "schools" which are only racing adventures geared towards the race fan and corporate individual. (Although we have had these type of students attend and they had a great time!) We are more geared to the beginning racer or the racer who is already driving and having problems getting to the checkered flag. We teach strategy, chassis changes, driving style, and smoothness, all the elements to race "smart." When comparing different race schools, ASK QUESTIONS! Don't just go with "famous" names labeled on race schools - make sure you know what your tuition includes. Be informed - we at FinishLine Racing School will answer any questions honestly, and as thoroughly as possible. We have nothing to hide! If you will be competing at a Saturday night short track, you should attend a "short track" racing school. If you're racing "grass roots" why would you attend a "super speedway" school? That's like comparing apples to oranges!

FinishLine Racing and Chassis School is committed to giving our students a balance of simple chassis set-up and driving techniques. Therefore, we spend minimal time in the classroom. The rest is track-time, applying classroom technique to the race course.

We know it's a tough job - but someone has to be #1, and we at FinishLine Racing School are so proud and confident of that fact that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If an enrolled student is not totally satisfied with the appearance or caliber of the FinishLine Racing School and its equipment - we will gladly refund their entire deposit in full - before classroom starts. As an added bonus, every graduating student receives a graduation certificate and a FREE OFFICIAL FINISHLINE RACING SCHOOL T-SHIRT!

After you've successfully completed the three day "Race To Win Advanced Course", we have many options to offer you for the "next step."

The Various Programs we offer:
Private Race Class - One student/one race car: working on your individual driving style.
Private Coaching - We'll send Mike to you, working with your race car, and your crew at your race track.

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