“Baseline Setup”

Baseline setup is the basic static setup numbers that you use to get the car ready to race. These numbers will get you to the track and make you run reasonably well, with only a few small changes. The baseline setup can be adjusted in the shop for weather, track conditions, or other factors. The goal of baseline setup is to put it all together before going to the track, minimizing changes at the track.

Baseline is also used as a “home base” when making adjustments. If you are trying to dial in the car but are having little success, you may consider returning to the baseline setup and starting the adjustment process over. Of course, accurate records are extremely important. Recording your baseline, then recording changes and their effects will help you make the right decisions next time.

When setting your baseline, the car should be race-ready. The fluids, driver and all weights must be in race trim. The driver should actually be in the car, with the weights set. Your weight biases should be close, and all ballast set up in the car. After you have scaled the car and set up the weights, you are ready to begin setting the baseline.

Your baseline setup will include ride height settings, weight settings, front end and rear end settings, springs, shocks and tires, and weight bias settings. Remember to keep accurate records!

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