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Edgewater, FL 32141
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braking & shifting form

Dear Student: 

Due to the escalating costs of clutch parts and insurance costs, we are forced to make it mandatory that you sign and return this form before you are deemed a guaranteed participant.

The curriculum at FinishLine Racing School is highly intensive. It is necessary that you can comfortably drive with 2 feet. Right foot throttle, left foot brake. If you present a danger to yourself & others; and are deemed unqualified by the chief instructor you will not be able to complete your instruction and may lose your entire tuition!   So start practicing early - it has to be a smooth transition.

The rhythm at the FinishLine Racing School is high paced, therefore we do not have time for numerous "stalls" nor do we have time to wait while a student learns how to drive a 4 speed. We at FinishLine Racing School have found that a student becomes so "rattled" because they stall the race car - they cannot concentrate on the next driving session. We realize that in this day and age a manual transmission is not popular but, if you cannot drive one - rent a car and practice to a perfection before you come to the FinishLine Racing School. If you are deemed not qualified to drive these race cars - you will not be able to complete your instruction and will probably lose your entire deposit.

i accept these terms