FinishLine Racing School Classes

At The FinishLine Racing School each student gets an "Individual" critique.
Mike also critiques the class as a whole, after each rotation.

Here is a QUICK LOOK at the types of programs we offer (a more detailed list is below):
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Our most popular and most economical class (price wise) is the Race To Win/Advanced Course. This 3 day curriculum has preset dates that are listed on our website. A 50% deposit guarantees you a seat in that class. These classes fill up quickly so the dates are usually firm dates. If you cannot attend during any of those dates, Driver Development is your next option. Here is the link for the 3 Day schedule

Next is our Driver Development Class (DD): An intense 2 day course designed for the active race car driver using our race cars. This class is designed to: 

  • Evaluate your performance to see where you can make your greatest improvements.

  • Formulate a plan to implement during your next lapping session.

This class takes some patience in setting the date. The DD class will be scheduled around the already set 3 day school dates. In other words, we need 3 drivers to make this class happen. Numerous phone calls have to be made to coordinate a date that is agreeable to ALL parties. It sometimes may take many weeks to make this happen. If you don't have the scheduling flexibility to wait until this class comes together, then Private Lessons are your next choice.

We also offer an intense Driver Development 1on1/ Private Race Class that will improve your Qualifying Time. This course utilizes 2 instructors, who keep a watchful eye on every move the driver makes.  There is one instructor on Turns 1 and 2 and another on Turns 3 and 4. This program is designed for the active race car driver who wants to get to the Checkered Flag. Although this price of $9,000 seems high it is an all inclusive price for both instructors, Mike Loescher and B.J. McLeod, track rental and maintenance, Insurance, and an EMT on site. This is an intense course done in 1 full day with a FinishLine Race Car. We also offer  the same course over 2 consecutive partial days, (involving trailering the cars and equipment on the 2nd day). This class is our most expensive but you will drive as many laps as you can safely handle during either course. This Class date is set by the driver and FinishLine. Once the driver decides on the date, a quick call to the race track will determine availability for that date or if we need to renegotiate a new date. See what some of our former students have said. Click here for more details:

More individual details:

"Take a Ride On The Wild Side!"
Ever dream of taking a ride in a Real Race Car? Ever wonder how the "race" speed would feel - and how the "G" forces would effect you in the corners? Now's your chance to Take A Ride On The Wild Side. (more details & pricing click here...)

"Feel The Thunder"
A Race School Instructor drives for 10 laps / Student Rides. Then the Student Drives 13 laps / Race School Instructor Rides (lunch not included) lap count includes warm-up & cool down.
(more details & pricing click here...)

"Intro. To Short Track Racing"  (1 day, est. laps 34)
In combination with race school classroom instruction on safety and driving technique; you'll experience what most people only dream about - the thrill of driving a FinishLine Racing School race car! In the race car, you will learn the art of car control and racing tactics from race school instructors who are champions in their own right. The cars you learn in are NASCAR Winston competition Late Models. (more details & pricing click here...)

"Competition Driving Course" (2 days, est. laps 86)
Short Track Racing is where every past or current NASCAR, INDY, ARCA, IMCA or ASA driver started. Short Track Racing Skills are something not to be left behind once a driver enters the "big leagues" The ratio of students to instructors at the FinishLine Racing School is 3 to 1, giving you the individual attention you need. Students are in constant Racing Radio communication with their race school instructors; allowing race school instructor to correct mistakes as they happen, give advice, and encouragement at every turn. The bottom line is that each student gets maximum seat time, each lap is logged and students can successfully obtain faster speeds each time out. (more details & pricing click here...)

"Race To Win/Advanced Course"  (3 days, est. laps 138)
You'll Learn More In 3 Days - Then You Will On Your Own In 3 Years!!!
This three day race school course is designed to give the 1st time driver full exposure to short track racing. It also provides the experienced racer who has not yet reached victory circle, the professional skills needed to go fast and take the checkered flag. Following the Competition Driving Course, you will further refine your skills and driving agility learned in the Late Model stock car. You will also have the chance to move into a NASCAR Grand American Modified. This 550 hp, open wheel race car, gives new meaning to excitement! An added attraction to the three day course is the possible chance to drive our new Super Truck! (more details & pricing click here...)

"Driver Development Program"
The Driver Development program was started to accommodate the accelerated demand for custom curriculum specifically designed for active racer's. With a very small class size (generally 3 students) drivers can benefit from the almost one-on-one instruction without the private lesson costs. The Driver Development/Evaluation Program will consist of EVERYTHING included in our 3 day Advanced Class but will focus MORE on the driver and provide a MORE intense evaluation given by 2 highly qualified instructors.  Click Here for Details

"Lapping" Days Available (for 3 day graduates)
After completing the FinishLine Racing School 3 day advanced Program, you are eligible to return to the school for a single day of lapping. You will be joining in on the 3rd day of an already "in progress" race school. If you remember on the 3rd day the "MSD chip" is almost out so you will be able to join right into the class and feel right at home. This lapping option has a Limited amount of space available in each class - so book early. For scheduled Class Dates CLICK HERE

Chassis Seminar / Mechanics Course (1 Day)
A championship driver has to understand the mechanics of his car. This additional FinishLine Racing School course can be added to the beginner or intermediate class schedule. The entire day is spent in the chassis shop. The race school instructor goes over every inch of the car, so the student will have a clearer understanding of what happens when the race car changes. A race school instruction manual will be provided so that you can take notes and follow along with class participation. This manual is a definite asset and will be used repeatedly throughout your racing career for reference and the knowledge contained within it. Race School Chassis Class is a hands-on shop day and is highly recommended for anyone serious about a racing "hobby" or "career". (You are welcome to bring a tape recorder.) (more details & pricing click here...)

* FinishLine Racing School Lap count includes Warm Up & Slow Down Laps

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