Quality instruction is always remembered long after the price is forgotten!

"Each Student is critiqued after
every one of their driving segments"


This section is created so you can have question and answers to some common queries about FinishLine Racing School. Each link opens up a new html page in a pop-up. You may have to adjust your computer if you have pop-up blocking.

  • What is the FinishLine Racing Schools class size?
  • How often does the racing school run?
  • How many hours a day does the race school run at the race track?
  • What kind of race car will I drive?
  • Can I bring a video camera to tape my class?
  • What does my racing school tuition include?
  • Can we bring our head restraint system?
  • What equipment does FinishLine Racing School use in your racing curriculum?
  • Are FinishLine Racing School cars "restricted"?
  • While attending the FinishLine Racing School how many laps can I expect?
  • Where Is The FinishLine Racing School located?
  • Does your school supply racing shoes?
  • Why must I need to know how to brake and shift using a manual transmission?
  • Does your school carry a liability policy?
  • What is discussed in the classroom?
  • How does the instructor communicate with us while driving?

    Please feel free to contact us with any other questions.