Minor Consent Forms for New Smyrna Speedway and FASCAR

Due to the requirements of the tracks insurance carrier the following items are REQUIRED for ALL drivers under the age of 18.

FASCAR Association requires the following from minor (under 18) drivers:

  1. CERTIFIED copy of birth certificate
  2. All drivers must have a FASCAR license * this is not necessary if the student is attending a class at Finish Line Racing School ONLY and is NOT going to race at FASCAR tracks.
  3. Parental Consent, Release and Waiver from BOTH parents of the minor child must be signed by BOTH parents and NOTARIZED. IMPORTANT: These forms must be signed by both parents in front of a Notary. (Notarization can be done at FinishLine Racing School IF both parents are accompanying the minor child to FLRS)
  4. FinishLine Racing School prescreens students who will be participating in all of our driving programs. This is done for the protection and safety of the parties involved BEFORE each student is enrolled in one of our classes. All students must meet certain criteria and be prequalified before being allowed to participate.
  5. A parent or legal guardian is required to attend classes with the minor and must be present in the pit area at all times. A drivers license or identification must be provided on first day of class will be required from parent or guardian.

Printable FASCAR Minor Consent forms:
FASCAR Minor Parental Consent (in PDF format)

The above forms are FASCAR requirements and must be done in ADDITION to FinishLine Racing School forms:
Shifting Braking Form
Medical Release Form
Rules and Regulations
Photo Release
Order Class Photo Package

Please mail all NOTARIZED forms to:
FinishLine Racing School
3113 So. Ridgewood Ave.
Edgewater, FL 32141