Racing School Photo Package

Mike Loescher & Steve Allison

Our Photo package is done by a Professional Photographer, Don Bok.
Visit Don's website,

Photo Package Includes:

* 6 - 8 x 10 Photos

* Group Shot of all the students in your class.

* Individual picture of the instructor and you being debriefed after your

* Picture of you in action on the race track.

* Picture of you sitting on the window getting into the race car.

* Picture of you sitting in the race car all buckled up and ready to go racing.

* Picture of you standing next to the car in Victory Circle with a Checkered
Flag in your hand.

* We have to be advised two weeks before class that you want a photo package.

Photo Package Total of $68.90

Includes $3.90 Sales Tax and $5.00 Shipping and Handling.

ADD a DIGITAL Photo Package on CD $41.10
Can only be purchased in ADDITION to regular Photo Package - $41.10 + $68.90 = $110.00
* Includes your 6 8x10 photo's on a DVD so you can reprint as many times as you like.
* Includes $2.51 Sales Tax and Shipping/Handling is included with above package.

(price is only an estimate and may change depending on your location)

Yes I want a Photo Pack:

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Email your order: Click Here (include your name, email address and class date. Also specify if you want the printed photo package for $68.90 or the full photo package for $110.00)

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