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FinishLine Racing School graduate & Rookie NASCAR Dash driver Brian Sockwell wins 1997 "Speed Weeks" race at Daytona International Speedway.

2015 Schedule

Because of the slow economy we are no longer having "preset" monthly dates for racing schools. We still offer  private lessons per please contact us by e mail and we can arrange  lessons at New Smyrna Speedway. In your information please mention the dates you are looking for....and we will contact the track to see if those dates are available.


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Dear Web Searcher

It has recently come to our attention that a question a lot of you might have is "why do they have so few classes scheduled?" Let me attempt to answer that for you - The FinishLine Racing School is the Finest short track asphalt race school in the U.S.A. To maintain that reputation we have to stay focused. That means small classes so that we can spend quality "teaching & coaching" time with each student. When you buy into the FinishLine Racing School you are really buying into the 30 + expert years of Chief Instructor; Mike Loescher. He has coached everyone from Winston Cup to Legacy Cars. The other racing schools have tons of dates on their schedules - because they are not racing schools - they're racing adventures that cram 30 people into a class. These Racing Adventures "teach" you nothing - all they do is baby sit while you run around the track (not at race speed of course.) Another thing to think about is, that FinishLine Racing School target market is the serious race car driver - their market is the race fan. Our market is about 30 thousand drivers, their market is 30 million fans.

So you can see why other race schools have So many classes - and FinishLine Racing School has so few.

What you really have to ask yourself is - what are you looking for? But, be careful a "famous" last name racing school (thatís really a racing adventure) will promise you everything and when you get there - deliver nothing.

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