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$25.00 per Shock

Shocks are the least understood part on a race car. Most racers believe that a shock of the same manufacturer and part number are the same. This is a wrong assumption! Not long ago, dyno testing shocks was considered a luxury for all but the richest of the race teams. Now, with FinishLine Racing School / A-Line Shock Dynamometer, shock testing is now affordable.

The Shock Dynamometer will provide you with the means to measure how efficient and consistent each shock will be under all racing conditions! This information will give you an infinitely better understanding of all future shock damping changes you will need when maintaining your race car chassis set up and how to adjust your shocks for each particular track. Like any race engine, race car, driver or track, there are no two shocks that are the same!

At FinishLine Racing School we can test your shocks at designated speeds giving you an entire cycle of data. This printed graph will give you insight into how the shock’s internal components are functioning. With the enhanced zoom feature you can focus in on specific areas of the cycle. If you have an external adjustable shock, you can adjust the shock and see how these changes effect the shocks performance. Shock performance can vary dramatically with different temperatures. These temperature performance changes can directly influence the handling characteristics of your race car with the temperature monitoring system. You can determine how your shock will perform under various temperatures.

For the standard price of $15.00 a shock, you will be supplied a print out of Force vs. Velocity; this shows compression  and rebound together at interval of 0-12 inches.

Graph display shows results at four complete cycles for comparison of valve openings and closings, valve bleed and peaked force. Also shows lag time from rebound to compression.

Shows rebound only at intervals of 0-12 inches or 0-24 inches. This is very helpful for analyzing Rebound on adjustable shocks.

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