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Michael Loescher, chief instructor for FinishLine Racing School and creator / inventor of the "True Laser Track" appear in Circle Track Magazine's January 2004 Issue "Advanced Chassis Alignment". View the article on our TLT website.

It's time to throw the string away

*Patent #6,823,598

"You'll either buy and use the TLT, or you'll be following someone that did"

Laser “Spindle” Alignment System

. stock cars

. open wheels

. drag cars

. any type of race car

. laser accurate to a few thousandths of an inch

 True Laser Track (TLT) : The accurate way to check your car. Whether it is toe (checking at spindle height or contact patch) or the relationship between the front and the rear tread width. You can use the TLT to square all four corners, center the rear, align, set toe, lead, off set, roll steer, or any other measurement you need. There are several different device's out there right now that use a laser , but they are all measuring to the wheel. We all know that there is" run out" in the rims and tires. What’s different about ours is, that it goes to the "spindle". We have several different styles available, some that bolt right to the hub, like a wide 5, or some that screw to a wide 5 spindle. We also have adapters that screw to the spindle of a Winston Cup rear (right and left hand thread) or to the front spindle. So, if you have a particular application we can supply you the parts you need by just producing a different adapter. The same laser will work with all of the different types of adaptors. No matter what you're racing , the TLT is the best, easiest and most accurate system to use.

Cut your set up time in half…

And increase your accuracy-

 Do a complete Chassis set up in the race shop – or use them at the race track when you’re in a pinch.

 The True Laser Track (TLT) system is manufactured using 60/61 T6 Billet Aluminum. The precision lasers are manufactured by the same company that the military uses, so rest assured – these are Quality Pieces!

 Set your tread width, then use the TLT to square all four corners, center the rear end, align, set toe, lead, off set, roll steer, or any other measurement you need.

 For example on a ½ mile track the average toe out is 1/8” inch which adds up to be 153” inches per lap of tire scrubbing.  When figuring the toe with the TLT, tire scrub can be reduced to less then 24” inches per lap.   Ok, you decide …. Less scrub - more speed.

 The New Technology is using Laser Accuracy, Plumb bobs and strings are gone forever!!

"We decided that because the True Laser Track is such a highly accurate measuring  device, and every adapter is usually a special order.  That in all fairness to the customer allow us to give you a free price quote so their is no misunderstanding about price.

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